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Create And Manage Your Affiliate Programs

Providing eCommerce, SaaS and small and medium scale enterprises with the solution they need to grow and scale their affiliate marketing. Create your affiliate program today in five minutes or less.

Growing over one thousand businesses.


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Benefit from a range of features

Explore unique features designed to help you grow

Track, manage and optimize all your affiliate marketing program from one dashboard.

Keep Up With Your Affiliates

Use Metricks In-app messaging feature to communicate with your affiliates in real-time. Set up group chats and send direct messages

Single Access With One Sign-Up

Enable your affiliates access all your active campaigns when they join your affiliate network with one sign up.

Manage Multiple Commission Structures

Set up multiple campaigns with different commission structures and enable your affiliates to earn override commissions from their referrals.

Create better and improved affiliate Programs with Metricks

Create an affiliate program for your business in five minutes or less, manage, automate affiliate payments and track your multi-affiliate campaigns with Metricks.

Take advantage of our simplified tools and easy-to-understand dashboard to create quick, yet effective affiliate marketing programs.

Improve your affiliate marketing campaigns with Metricks.


Break through the noise; manage your affiliate and referral marketing efficiently with Metricks.


Leverage the power of affiliate marketing, create multi-affiliate campaigns, recruit affiliates and promote your campaigns to boost sales.

Small Business Owner

Drive more traffic to your business and increase profits. Promote your products / services by recruiting and managing high-performing affiliates with Metricks.

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Flexible plans designed to help you scale.

Integrate Metricks with your favorite tools on all plans.


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Metricks allows you to provide your affiliates with short, attractive links that are neither cluttered or clunky. But wait, there's more! You may provide your affiliates with their own coupon code to distribute and reward them for doing so. You can also enhance your marketing campaigns by uploading graphics for affiliates to share on their social media accounts.

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Founder Blings And Sparkles


Take your affiliate marketing to the next level.



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