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Affiliate Software For Lightspeed

Launching an affiliate marketing program doesn't have to be challenging. Metricks' new integration with Lightspeed helps you kickstart an affiliate program for your online shop within a few minutes!


So, why do most online stores and websites don't have an active affiliate program?

One of the reasons is that they're not sure how to set up an affiliate program from scratch as it involves obtaining affiliate links and tracking and rewarding affiliates. Also, they lack ideas on how to discover affiliates to work with. Here's where Metricks comes in!


Our software is highly compatible with Lightspeed. We make the process smooth so you can expand your Lightspeed store immediately. All you need do is integrate it with a single click without any coding experience or tech skillsets, and your affiliate program will be up and running in minutes.

How Do Metricks Function?

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  • Recruit affiliates
  • Customize commissions and reward
  • Metricks offers excellent customer service.
  • Create an eye-catching onboarding page – everything about your program, from referral links to affiliate dashboards, can be tailored to your brand and domain.

Ready to get started? Sign up with Metricks today!

Benefits of Using Metricks Affiliate Software For Lightspeed

14-day free trial.

Excellent customer service.

Its clever anti-fraud tools detect fraud.

Its commission structure is entirely configurable.

Metricks allows you to customize the affiliate dashboard.

You can communicate with your affiliates via in-app chat.

Within five minutes, you can launch your

affiliate programs.

It is adaptable to different eCommerce businesses and SaaS.

Easily track, and evaluate affiliate marketing performance.

With a single sign-up, you can access all of your marketing campaigns.

One can link with third-party KPIs without having any technical experience.

Uploading and sharing creative materials (images and videos) to affiliates' social media profiles.


Take your affiliate marketing to the next level.



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