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Launch Moonclerk Affiliate Program With Metricks

Affiliate marketing is a terrific way to increase sales for recurring services or products. Rather than paying for advertisements, pay a commission to affiliates to boost your brand on your behalf once a transaction is completed.


You can now create an affiliate program with MoonClerk by integrating with Metricks software.

MoonClerk is a cloud-based digital payment processing tool for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Within a single suite, it provides invoicing, mobile payments, internet payments, and recurring billing. Metricks provides a ready-made solution that allows you to interface with Moonclerk and link your Stripe account if you want to launch a Moonclerk affiliate program to enhance subscription sales.

What Can Metricks Do For You?

Recurring Or Lifetime Commission (SAAS)

Our SAAS commission solution offers excellent benefits to users as it makes payments faster using Moonclerk. Offer lifetime commission to affiliates if conversion continually renews a membership. Award affiliates recurring commission each time a client resubscribe until the selected end date.

Fixed Or Percentage Commission

Customize your commission structure using Metricks affiliate marketing software. Pay fixed or percentage affiliate commission.

Fully-Packed Automation And Integration

Metricks is designed just perfectly for MoonClerk. An API-based interface with your Moonclerk account monitors subscription payments and provides referral rewards automatically, adding credit to current subscriptions right in Moonclerk.

Benefits of Using Metricks Affiliate Software For Moonclerk

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that people will be less likely to take advantage of you, while genuine referrals will be accepted.

14-day free trial.

Excellent customer service.

Its clever anti-fraud tools detect fraud.

Its commission structure is entirely configurable.

Metricks allows you to customize the affiliate dashboard.

You can communicate with your affiliates via in-app chat.

Within five minutes, you can launch your

affiliate programs.

It is adaptable to different eCommerce businesses and SaaS.

Easily track, and evaluate affiliate marketing performance.

With a single sign-up, you can access all of your marketing campaigns.

One can link with third-party KPIs without having any technical experience.

Uploading and sharing creative materials (images and videos) to affiliates' social media profiles.


Take your affiliate marketing to the next level.



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