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Are You Looking For The Best Affiliate Software For Wix?

You can now launch and manage Wix affiliate program for your online store with Metricks.


Metricks affiliate software is a full-service affiliate marketing platform for your Wix store.

Metricks integrates effortlessly with your online store and allows you to launch an affiliate network easily.

Here's where Metricks comes in!


To enhance brand exposure and revenues, run, track, and manage your affiliate and referral initiatives under one roof. Your affiliates will ‌promote your brand using the best promotional features within their dashboard with Metricks.

Post-purchase Widget

Encourage customers and affiliates to advertise your products. Expand your marketing network by turning customers into affiliates using a white-labeled post-purchase widget.

Affiliates Social Media Sharing

Generate promotional posts and make them easily accessible to your affiliates so they can distribute them with a single click. There is no limit to the number of photos, deep links, social network postings, banners, or video links you may post to help expand your store.

Other Built-In Features

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that people will be less likely to take advantage of you, while genuine referrals will be accepted.


In-app messaging

Offer coupon code

Automate affiliate payment

Generate unique tracking links

Customizable affiliates commissions


Take your affiliate marketing to the next level.



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